Ducal Castle - Corigliano (CS) Night view of the Ducal Palace - Corigliano (CS) San Marco - Rossano (CS) Codex Purpureus Rossanensis - Diocesan Museum - Rossano (CS) Pathirion - Rossano (CS)

Traveler who loves the beauty of the places and looks for the purity of the "origins", has always a goal…
If the goal is the Calabria will have the vision of the triumph of light and colors, from the sea and blue sky…
from the mountains greens and the showy colors flowers, strong ancient food tastes,
its people with remarkable influences of several Greek, Byzantine, Arbereshe ethnicity, etc .

Hard it remains the tie with its earth,
it knows to be pleasant towards the visitor
of this magnificent region kissed from the Sun.

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